2015+ Dodge Charger Grille LED Install Guide

These can be installed a variety of different ways, depending if you want them to turn on  with the DRLs, Headlights, or Side Markers, but this guide will show you how to  connect them to the Headlight Low beam connection. 

Required: Small Flat Head Screwdriver, Pliers/Wire Cutters, Electrical Tape, Quick  Splice Clips (Optional), & a person to help (optional)

Quick Splice Clips:

1) Unpack product, and clip ends of Red, Black, Yellow, & Green Wires 2) Attach Yellow & Green Wires together on both sides 

3) Open Hood & Remove all Pop Clips on the upper cover closest to the bumper 4) Remove Air Filter Housing, by removing the bolts & clips. Remove the air filter, and  bolt inside of the airbox holding the housing, to allow you to lift it up and expose  the harness under it. (If you have an Aftermarket Cold Air Intake, you should be able to just  remove the Filter and have access directly to the harness) 

5) Remove Stock Snorkel Grille Inserts, by using your hand to pull it forward, while  pushing on the clips in the back. It takes some time and force, but will come off eventually. Do not worry about clips breaking, as they will be replaced 

6) Insert new Grille LED’s by feeding the wires through first, and then clipping in the  clips into place. 

7) Feed wires to each side of the car, closest to the Headlights to connect the wires 8) Remove Headlight Harness, by pressing the top clip and pulling them out

9) Remove about 5” of the protection covering tape, to expose the wires to make it  easier to connect 

10) Starting on the Left Side(Driver Side) of the car, connect the Red Power(+) Wire to  the White/Blue Wire. Connect the Black Ground Wire (-) to any Black wire. Then  connect the Yellow & Green Wire, to the White/Green Wire 

11) On the Right Side(Passenger Side) of the car there are TWO White/Tan Wires. You want to first  connect the Red Power(+) Wire to the White/Tan Wire. Connect the Black Ground Wire (-) to any Black wire. Then connect the Yellow & Green Wire, to the other White/Tan wire. (There is two White/Tan wires, but just make sure both sides are functioning the same before taping them up. Turn the headlights on/off, cycle signals, and cycle the hazards to make sure everything is synced)

12) Tape the harnesses back up, to keep them protected from water and exposure to  weather. 

13) Connect harnesses back together 

14) Place Push Pins back into underhood cover 

15) You’re good to go! Let us know how you like the item by leaving us a review (: