In 2018 we expanded our media company to provide car enthusiasts with you automotive car parts, accessories, performance parts, replacement parts, and more. 


From working out of our home as a one man team until April 2020, we expanded to our first location in Canton, Michigan to have our own space to fulfill orders and help customers customize their ride. From our wide selection of products for late model performance vehicles, we’ve got you covered to make it the dream car you’ve always wanted.

We also now offer installation services for most of our parts offered, from complete customization, to vinyl wraps, starlights, + More


Our Mission

Quality Custom Car Parts + Service for the everyday car enthusiast 

Our Values

Customer satisfaction is our #1 Priority and we like to get everything resolved to assist as best as we can

Our Vision

One stop shop for all your Styling, Lighting, & Performance needs

Our Perfect Team

Valentino Serafimovski

Founder & Sales/Marketing Director

Nick J

Customer Service Manager

Pete S

Shop Manager

Isabella Corbeille

Fulfillment & Assistant