Tools Required: 10mm Socket, Socket Wrench, Plastic Pry Tool or Flat Head Screwdriver (Jack & Jack Stands will help, and will make it easier if you remove the front wheels)

  1. First off, remove the RH Headlight Harness Plug, by pushing the clip in and pulling it out. Verify your plugs match the new Headlight plugs you’re installing.
  2. Pop open hood and remove all retaining clips on the front section
  1. Remove all front side retaining clips on the LH + RH Wheel Wells
  1. Unplug Harnesses for Fog Lights & Side Markers. (RH Headlight Harness can be unplugged easily from top of engine bay opening
  2. Remove inner bolts/screws (10mm) on each side of Fenders that connect to the car. Should be 3 on each side (6 total)

  3. Remove all bolts/clips (10mm) from the underbody engine cover, near the middle back section. Allowing the whole bumper and skid plate to come off as one piece
  1. Grab front middle sections or both ends if two people, and pull entire front bumper off of the car towards the front
  1. Remove the 4 bolts holding the Headlights, with a total of 8 bolts

8. Place new lights in, reinstalled the bolts, and attach the plug

9. Test to verify everything works, then reverse the steps to get it all back together