Tools Required: Wiring, Wire Cutter/Splicer, Electrical Tape, 10mm Socket, Socket Wrench, Plastic Pry Tool or Flat Head Screwdriver (Jack & Jack Stands will help, and will make it easier if you remove the front wheels)

  1. Pop open hood and remove all retaining clips on the front section
  1. Remove all front side retaining clips on the LH + RH Wheel Wells
  1. Unplug Harnesses for Fog Lights & Side Markers. (RH Headlight Harness can be unplugged easily from top of engine bay opening
  2. Remove inner bolts/screws (10mm) on each side of Fenders that connect to the car. Should be 3 on each side (6 total)

  3. Remove all bolts/clips (10mm) from the underbody engine cover, near the middle back section. Allowing the whole bumper and skid plate to come off as one piece
  1. Grab front middle sections or both ends if two people, and pull entire front bumper off of the car towards the front

7. The LED Boards can be attached in a few different areas, depending where the customer would like. We recommend to attach them on the top and bottom of the Bumper Reinforcement Bar, or on the bottom and top of the inside of the Bumper grilles

8. Clean area before application, then place in desired areas

9. Feed wires towards the Fuse Box, and attach Black Negative wire to any ground (Exposed bolts to the frame). Connect Positive Wire to customers desired location, depending if they want to attach it to the Headlight Function, Fog Light Function, or other functions. You can see the connection details on the underside of the Fuse Box cover

**If the customer would like them to be able to turn on when the car is off, attach it the power connections directly into the fuse box. A switch. or remote must be used, so the battery does not drain while the car is off**

10. Test to verify everything works, then tuck the wires in and use some zip ties to make it have a clean look.

11. Reverse the steps to get it all back together

(If a customer’s LED kit is controlled by Bluetooth, they will have to download the App, and pair it to the LED strips

Hood Scoop LED Option

  1. Remove Front Section & Passenger Section Clips of under hood heat shield cover, to allow you to work underneath it
  2. Clean area around hood scoop
  3. Place 2 LED’s – One Above and one below the hood scoop. Then feed wires down the passenger side of Heat Shield Cover, on the inside of the clips to keep the wires in place
  4. Feed wires through the passenger side engine compartment towards the Fuse box, to connect with the wires from the Grille Engine Bay Lights

Helpful Videos: